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5 Reasons to be an EcoPack Distributor

1. Single-source packing technology

Distributors are making investments in our packing solutions that are providing an edge to practices who fully utilize them. Access to self-service tools that increase efficiency can offer proven value to a practice, while such efficiencies greatly diminish when procurement is spread across multiple sources. With a single distribution partner, there is greater opportunity for streamlined integration. Seemingly simple automated reminders, such as upcoming invoice due dates, can provide tremendous value when it comes to helping practices effectively manage cash flow.

2. Simply better service

Great service is a claim all distributors make. For some, it's not just a claim, it's a business model. Look for a distributor to accelerate access to better packaging technology, market insights, technology solutions, and reimbursement and financial guidance. Whether calling in an order or going online, expect a pleasant and highly efficient experience with a real person and a quick response time.

3. Reduced risk and compliance confidence

As the industry becomes ever more complex, practices need a trusted distributor.  Having a single source of distribution gives greater shipment integrity, which reduces the risk of error, loss and damage. 

4. Greater efficiency and more time 

Timely deliveries are crucial for field operations and their logistic partners.  Prompt service also reduces the risk of shipments being lost or damaged, avoiding such burden on field operations. One distributor means shipments are consolidated into one delivery, resulting in fewer interruptions and less staff time spent receiving and checking product. And having a single distribution partner reduces that time-consuming paperwork. With fewer packing lists to reconcile, fewer checks to cut and fewer returns to coordinate, productivity can increase.

5. Improved cash flow

Having a single distributor also provides financial benefits for a practice, including cost savings on delivery charges and on returns which should be hassle free, with credit being applied the moment the returned product is received. Exceptional customer service from a single distributor provides further advantages such as alerts on best pricing and terms for regularly ordered pharmaceuticals. Similarly, the cost of holding inventory can be minimized and cash flow balanced by the tools and resources offered by a single distributor.  

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To become an EcoPack Systems distributor, simply fill out the information below and send it to us. It's an easy process and you'll hear back from us promptly. Businesses will need to send credit references and be approved by our accounting division, and individuals will need to use a credit card to make purchases. Shipping charges on wholesale sales orders is based on actual shipping weight and EcoPack Systems will ship the "best way", which may include common carriers for large commercial orders.

Please include your phone number and a good time of day to call you. We will followup with you after we receive your information. Getting started is easy; just fill out the information below and click the "Submit" button.