Our Vision & Mission

“To become a global industry standard for the cleaner, greener, healthier transportation of fresh and processed foods.”

– Yosi Heyman

It is the EcoPack vision to lead the packing industry into the next generation with simple, yet environmentally smart packaging products that can be 100% recycled and reused to reduce waste and help preserve the planet. EcoPack is dedicated to intelligently recycling the world’s existing natural resources by keeping packaging economical, ecological, versatile and customizable.

EcoPack: An Environmental Revolution in Packaging & Recycling.

About EcoPack

Founded in 2008, EcoPack Green Box Ltd. is a privately held company headed by Yossi Heyman, a packaging veteran with over 30 years of experience. The company markets its unique, patented flagship product; the EcoPack System, to carton manufacturers, distributors, plastic rentals and pooling systems both nationally and globally, for resale to fresh produce retailers, farmers and agricultural exporters.
EcoPack has partnerships in place with Langsam Industries, Best Pack and Yam Plast, each leading industry players with combined annual packaging revenues of over €40 million. It is EcoPack’s vision to make the EcoPack System a global industry standard for the cleaner, greener, healthier transportation of fresh and processed foods.

Meet the EcoPack Systems Executive Team:

Yosi Heyman

Yosi is active in agricultural packaging projects for several European food suppliers. He is a partner in companies with combined annual packaging revenues of over €40 million, including Langsam Industries, Best Pack and Yam Plast.


Danny Bartal

Danny has more than 20 years of management experience in the consumer goods manufacturing, food processing and re-usable plastic container pooling industries. His career has taken him around the world, including eight years at RPC maker Polymer Logistics and work at several startups. He has proven abilities in general management, sales and business development, finance and all facets of operations.


Pete Bindas
V.P. Sales

A tenacious executive skilled in sales, distribution, team and infrastructure development, general management, start-ups and turn-arounds in both domestic and international environments. Talented at simultaneously developing and leading cross functional teams engaged in projects to continuously improve processes

Worldwide Offices



Corporate Office:
EcoPack Systems LLC
725 E. Harrison St./ Ste. A
Corona, CA 92879 USA
Mia Hagen

Savannah Office:
EcoPack Systems LLC
(@ Bramli USA, Inc)

300 Telfair rd , Savannah, GA 31415



Ecopack Systems Mexico
(@ Vessel Solutions S.A. De C.V)
Blvd Acabadores 310
CD Industrial
Leon Guanajuato 37490 Mexico
Contact: Eduardo Graniel
Email: esr@eco-pack.mx
office: +52 477 251 9527

Mobile: 442 125 6288


Costa Rica

Agrícola Piscis S.A.
200 sur y 200 oeste del Servicentro El Guarco, Tejar de El Guarco
Cartago 343-7050, Costa Rica
Ms.Damaris Coto, +506.2573.6262


Ecopack Systems LLC
Barcelona, Spain
Contact: Benjamin Nebot

Now is the time to replace expensive, less hygienic carton boxes, reduce produce loss and enjoy environmentally friendly fully recyclable pack.

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