Get the EcoPack Advantage

One Solution, Any Product.

The Eco Pack patented system can be used and re-used over and over again for a wide variety of fresh and frozen produce.
Designed to replace traditional cardboard and plastic crate packaging, the Eco Pack system is both economical and ecological, making it the packaging method of choice for every type of product.

Perfect for Fruits & Vegetables

Providing maximum ventilation for increased product life and less product depreciation, the EcoPack system is so versatile that fruit can even be artificially ripened within the packaging system itself, ensuring optimal product value.

The EcoPack system is designed to showcase the produce it carries. Fruits and vegetables can be displayed inside the EcoPack system as they arrive at the store, further reducing resource costs and saving time.


Better merchandising equals better sales!

Ideal for Meat, Poultry or Seafood

Providing substantial savings of between 30 to 70% in comparison to carton boxes and/or the expenditure of rinsing plastic crates, EcoPack system sleeves are 100% food grade, providing the highest level of hygiene, every time.


Food safety is paramount with EcoPack

Dairy & Cheese Processing

Perfect for the long term storage and refrigeration of diary products, this economical and ecological system can be used re-used over and over again due to its 100% recyclable food grade sleeves. Also available in optional biodegradable models, the EcoPack system guarantees the highest level of hygiene, every time for any type of dairy product.

Baked Goods & Bread

Enabling dramatic savings in comparison to traditional carton/plastic packaging methods used to carry and store baked goods, the Eco pack System performs flawlessly under a multitude of temperatures, ranging from -4° to 176° F [ -20 to +80 C]. Complete customization, micro-perforated, 100% food grade sleeves, the EcoPack system provides the ideal packaging method for baked goods of every kind.

Higher Quality at Retail

Suitable for both long term storage and refrigeration, this environmentally friendly system can be used and re-used over and over again. Available with optional biodegradable sleeves, the EcoPack system further reduces waste, helping preserve the planet.


Better product, better sales.

Why Use EcoPack?

Know the Competitive Advantages.
And Control Your Costs.
The Eco Pack patented system can be used and re-used over and over again for a wide variety of fresh and frozen produce.
Designed to replace traditional cardboard and plastic crate packaging, the Eco Pack system is both economical and ecological, making it the packaging method of choice for every type of product.
Dramatically reduces product loss & damage
  • Customize your volume, airflow and pressure for your specific produce.
  • Extend shelf life and reduce handling effort from field to store.
  • Reduce decay and bruising versus traditional corrugated packs.
  • Eliminate shrinkage by delivering better product in an effective manner with proper cooling and ventilation.

Studies show EcoPack is the best for grape processing and merchandising!

Improve Pallet Capacity by Double Digits
  • EcoPack with it’s unique crate features, allows users to increase pallet density by stacking additional layers of produce without fear of overweighing or damaging commodity.
  • The increased pallet capacity benefits at the operational level by optimizing space and decreasing energy consumption in cold storage atmospheres
  • The average user sees an increase between 11% and up to 25% (pending commodity) in overall increased pallet capacity.
Increase Container Utilization
  • By improving pallet capacities, increased container utilization becomes a major benefit throughout the supply chain
  • Buyers enjoy a decreased cost per unit in freight, and save in overall transportation by eliminating annual volume in shipments.
  • More pounds of commodity per truck decreases overall costs enabling more competitive pricing
Lower your per unit costs with EcoPack
Increased Transit Capacity

What does all this increased capacity mean for your transit costs? When comparing to corrugated cartons and using your existing transit infrastructure - you may get:

  •   12.5% INCREASE per truckload with EcoPack crates.
  •   Up to a 29% INCREASE in weight per pallet.
  •   12.5% INCREASE per pallet with EcoPack crates.

By using EcoPack Systems you can see a considerable increase in capacity and savings using the same vehicles!

Better capacity lowers transit costs.

The EcoPack Difference

The Secret is the Crate.

Award-winning Design: Reduces product spoilage & shrinkage with breathable, impact-dampening walls and flexible bottoms

Suspension System: Protect the integrity of your produce with an innovative  suspension system that cradles the product evenly and reduces shrink.  Food-safe LDPE reduces the rate spoil and mold versus corrugated.

Custom Airflow Control: Maximum airflow control, eliminates moisture, lowers truck refrigeration costs. Keep produce fresher and cooler for longer shelf life.

Maximum Ventilation: Perforation system eliminates liquid avoiding the creation of pathogen or fungi

Precision Engineered Frame: Features like positioning posts, quick assemble frames and customized graphics from field to retail.  Made of high-impact and abrasion resistant plastic- EcoPack is the only producer-to-retail system with a new RPC - EVERY TIME.*

Custom Branding: Add your brand to our bag for added market exposure at retail. Cover the bag in your logo, company or slogan to get name recognition with more customers. Only EcoPack can add that kind of market value to your RPC!

* as part of our Cash Back Rebate Program.
ecopack frame Image

Post corners make stacking easy and quick.


Increase brand awareness and exposure with printed custom graphic liners.

Engineered for Performance.

The EcoPack patented System is made up of an easy to assemble plastic frame & two lightweight plastic sleeves that together create an economical, multipurpose, recyclable box.
The Frame

Standard carton and plastic crate dimensions allow for mixing of cases on pallets. Suitable for palleting, containers and trucks.

Get Our Cash Back Rebate Program for Further Savings. Ask us about it today!

Suspension Bag

Specific applications for each product, including optimal ventilation, hygiene, food safety and waste reduction. Made of plastic materials, with special additives which contribute to maintaining the quality of  products and to optimal recycling.

The Universal Tray

Quickly stack and align with precision guides. Stack faster per pallet without having to realign. Go from field to processing to transit on one pallet. Mix and match RPC formats for optimal packout.


Easy as 1-2-3! See how it's done.

Watch a step-by-step process on how to assemble an EcoPack container.

Increased Efficiency with Lower Cost

Save money with a lower carbon footprint.

EcoPack is dedicated to intelligently recycling the world’s existing natural resources by keeping packaging economical, ecological, versatile and customizable, for use over and over and over again.  Get the EcoPack Advantage.

Green Manufacturing

Newly manufactured EcoPack System crates are produced in the U.S. or abroad. You get a new crate every time unlike other RPC systems. Our crate process uses no water and are 100% recyclable.

Worldwide Distribution

With distribution partners worldwide, distribution is convenient and centralized for growers.
Production capabilities in North America, Central America, South America, Asia and Europe, Ecopack has built a global network of manufacturing and distribution points


We Will Help You Collect

We offer collection service. Simply dispose of the empty EcoPack crates in a compactor. Contact us, we will help collect all disposed materials. Do your part to lower your carbon footprint and lower your waste costs too.

EcoPack Cash Rebate Program

Good for the Bottom Line.

Rebates offered on recollected plastics further reduce overall costs. Get a higher ROI on your packing expenses versus corrugated cardboard boxes.

Materials recollected
and processed
for reuse and

And the cycle
begins again.

Weight Savings + Lower Carbon Footprint = VALUE

EcoPack offers the lowest total cost of conversion (vs. Current blend configurations of packaging)

Lower in Cost than Competitor Systems
EcoPack sleeves cost substantially less than carton boxes or the expense of rinsing plastic containers. In addition, this ‘one touch’ economical and ecological system provides dramatic savings in the manpower resources required for shelf stacking by transferring effortlessly from the field to the shelf within existing logistics systems. Finally, the EcoPack solution lowers transport costs considerably through its light weight and minimal stacking volume.

One Product, Multiple Uses
Suitable for both long term storage and refrigeration, the EcoPack solution can be used over and over again by simply replacing the versatile sleeves. It helps optimize packaging systems for a wide variety of fresh and frozen produce including vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, seafood, baked goods, dairy and processed food. In addition, the crate reduces waste volume significantly, helping support a cleaner, greener planet.

New & Clean, Every Time
EcoPack sleeves are food grade and can be replaced quickly and inexpensively for any type of product, fresh or frozen, providing the highest level of hygiene for any product every time.

A Convenient & Versatile Advertising Platform
Retailers can use EcoPack sleeves as an advertising, branding or educational platform with the ability to change messaging to fit a wide range of products, quickly, easily and inexpensively.


Now is the time to replace expensive, less hygienic carton boxes, reduce produce loss and enjoy environmentally friendly fully recyclable pack.

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