Use EcoPack Systems for a lower transport cost, better product quality and worry-free food safety.

Better Airflow and Worry-free Food Safety

WET Pack is a revolutionary packaging solution by EcoPack Systems. Our packaging solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of iced or water cooled produce.

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Tailor Made for Cooling

The EcoPack System is fully customizable! Ventilation, materials and pressure can be adjusted by product type, thus improving freshness, quality and shelf-life. EcoPack also offers full color customizable graphic.

Lower Total Cost of Use & Increase Speed to Market

Broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, kale, parsley, leafy items and other commodities will all see improved product freshness, quality and shelf life. Use EcoPack as part of your cooling process right from the field. Make EcoPack part of your operations today.


Now is the time to replace expensive and less hygienic cartons and containers, reduce shrink and deploy environmentally friendly, fully recyclable packaging.

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